Saturday, May 11, 2013

Florida Keys Bank Owned Property Market Report May 2013

 Good Afternoon All and thank you for your patience this month! We are running a little bit behind schedule, but for good reasons!! We got allot of good stuff for ya this month. To start us off with a BANG! Check out our Featured Bank Owned Special of the Month. An AWESOME Key West Direct Oceanfront Dream!! Hot off the press!
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As always, below is a copy of this month's Bank Owned Deals and have posted the Latest and Greatest market updates for all our potential home buyers! Check out all the information here.  Make sure to check out the tab's on the side too! We just added " Keys Bank Owned " which will give you a Bank Owned and Short Sale History lesson; and we just updated " Keys Market 2013 vs 12 " and " Keys Sales History " with the very latest information that is available anywhere!! 

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Florida Keys Real Estate Market Update August 2011

As we continue thur the 3rd Quarter of 2011 in the Florida Keys it is interesting to see how our Florida Keys Real Estate Market is fairing compared to the Rest of Florida Specifically and our country as a whole. Especially since in challenging times investors are always looking for a place to put their cash to good use. This Florida Keys Real Estate Market Report for August 2011 will give you a clear picture of where our Florida Keys Market Place is, as well at what is selling and what isnt.

In Closing, here is a good snapshot on what is selling in what price range in the Florida Keys Marketplace this year to date compared to last year to date. If you are interested in seeing what investment opportunities are available in the Florida Keys Marketplace, please feel free to visit or send me an e-mail at as I am always willing to work with any Brokers/Agent that have qualified individuals they need assistance with.  Best Regards!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Florida Keys Real Estate Connection

 With so much happening " Sales Wise " in the Florida Keys Market Place Keys Property Guy Inc. has invested in National Advertising to Bring the Investors and Home Buyers the latest in Florida Keys Property Search Access. Please take a minute to review and we know you will not be disappointed ! As our main goal it to create business relationships that last a lifetime coupled with un-parrelled customer service; we hope this Florida Keys

Web Site will be all you expect and more. Up coming details will include detailed information about businesses and services throughout the entire Florida Keys. We will also be updating our market data on a monthly basis. Thank you in advance for your time and we hope you enjoy checking out Paradise!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

2010 Florida Keys Real Estate Marketplace


FLORIDA KEYS REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT: As sales continue to soar in the Florida Keys Real Estate Market, I thought I would take a minute to recap where the market was at in 2010 vs 2009, so we can all get an idea where the Florida Keys Real Estate Marketplace is heading. 2011 First Qtr. numbers are just around the corner, sales are continuing to rise, interest rates appear to be still holding steady, for the time being anyway, and Buyers continue to come out of the woodwork! Let us take a minute to focus on the chart below and consider the following.
Sales are up Florida Keys Wide, with some area's like the Middle Keys, soaring up 42%.  The number of Listings have dropped slightly Keys Market Wide, and decreased by 29% in area's like the Middle Keys. Our inventory is continuing to Drop. Pending transactions continue to rise along with those sales, and our Average Sales price is close to bottoming Keys Wide. Area's like the Middle Keys are actually rising, while area's like the Upper Florida Keys still seems to offer some decent reductions.
Finally, with inventory levels substantially below 2006 levels what's next????????  I will leave that up to you to decide. For personal quarterly updates or other Florida Keys Real Estate Information please feel free to contact me anytime at

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Upper Keys Trend Analysis:

The Upper Keys are classified as Key Largo down to Lower Matecumbe.
Sales Totals have slowed alittle in the Third Quarter from 39% to 18% and it's taken 1% less time to do that.  Average sales price has dropped to 16% less which is up 5% over the second quarter, now $417,000. We were loosing 1%+ per month. Pending Transactions still on the rise, up 19% while new listings have only increased by 2%. A drop of 8% from last quarter. Listings on the market in this area have seemed to stabilize; yet our monthly inventory supply for this area has continued to drop and is at 31%. The average list price for a home in this area is currently $766,000.00 down 12% over last year this time.
Middle Keys Trend Analysis:
The Middle Keys are classified as Long Key down to the 7 Mile Bridge in Marathon.
Sales Totals continue to amaze all of us as they continue to stay up 44% over last year, and this is during the slowest part of the year. Average sale price is still up by 1%. Our Sales Volume has climbed in this area from 64 Million to 109 Million Dollars in one Quarter. Listings are up by 2%. Having said that, our Months of inventory on the market continues to fall through the floor, still dropping by 33%. The average list price for a home in this area is currently $709,000 down 14%
Lower Keys Trend Analysis:
The Lower Keys are classified as Big Pine Key to Bay Point.
Sales Totals are still up 7%. The value continues to decline in this area to 11%, slowing by 4%. The average sales price continuing to drop by 17%. The average time to sell has finally starter to creep down by 1%. listings in this area continue to slip up a notch to 40%, last quarter was 22%. Amazingly enough our Months of inventory for this area is still 4% The average list price for a home in this area is currently $613,000.
Key West Market Trend:
Key West is considered a Destination Resort Island.
Sales Totals are still up 14%, this is huge, as they continue to climb over the first quarter. There volume value has risen 4% to almost 196 Million for this area and has taken a 27% change, actually taken less time to achieve this. Average sale price has decreased a little more to 8%, but pending transactions have increase almost 12% a 6% increase over last quarter. New listings have dropped by 2% while our months of inventory continue down 13% over last year. The average list price for a home in this area is $859,000.00 down 14%.

Florida Keys Overview Keys Wide:Looking at the Florida Keys as a whole the total # of sales is up 18% and continued to increase over the first quarter, and typically we are in our slower time of year. 1,374 units have sold with a value of over 563 Million Dollars up 5%; while are average time to do that is only up 2%, decreasing by over 5% from last quarter. Our average sales price has decreased to 11% to $410,000.00.  Pending transactions still continue to rise by 16% @ 1,477 units. Simply put, thru June first we are CLOSING 8.88 properties every day this is up from 4.32 units in the second quarter. New properties coming on the market have slightly increased by 6% giving us a total inventory of 3,811 Units, down slightly. Our Months of Inventory at our current sales rate is down to 25, dropping 10%.  The average list price for a home Keys Wide is $751,000.00 down 13%
This information was gathered directly from our M.L.S. and shared by my good friends at cbsre; In an effort to keep all prospective buyers up to date, to help them make the best informed decision possible when they decide to purchase.  For the latest information on what Real Estate is For Sale in the Florida Keys please stop by, and referrals are alway welcome from fellow real estate agents.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


FLORIDA KEYS RESIDENTIAL MARKET UPDATE:  As we steam through the 3rd Quarter of 2010 (where has the year gone?) I thought that I would give ya all a quick update on the Florida Keys Residential Market thus far, compared to the same time period last year. To clearly define the residential sector of our marketplace; I am specifically talking about Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes, Duplex's and Half Duplex Sales.   
Sales Keys wide have increased by 25% to 990 units through the end of August. Are dollar volume has increased to almost 450 Million, an increase of 12% and our D.O.M. (Days on the Market) has dropped by 3%. New listings coming into the marketplace have also dropped by 3%. This accompanied by an increase of 18% in pending transactions equates to a nice " Off Season " for sales in the Fabulous Florida Keys. To see all the Florida Keys Short Sale and Bank Owned Properties that are available you can always go-to www.keyspropertyguy.comanytime to get the latest Florida Keys Real Estate Deals. For those real estate agents looking for a professional here in the Florida Keys to take care of their valued customers, look no further,I am also happy to pay a 25% referral fee to those active agents for sending their pre-qualified individuals that are looking to purchase something with-in 30 days! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!